Lenny’s hit international show, Bowfire , composed of 10 virtuoso string players at the forefront of their respective styles takes its audiences on a musical journey that moves seamlessly from Jazz, Classical, Bluegrass, Celtic, Rock, Gypsy, World, Texas Swing, Ottawa Valley and Cape Breton styles combined with equally gifted rhythm section musicians. Bowfire made its debut performance at Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany. In 2008 Bowfire filmed a PBS  Special, Bowfire ‘Live’. Although Bowfire is not presently touring their DVD continues to be broadcast internationally. Lenny’s most recent release is The Blues Violin. It is a collection of original Blues tunes in a variety of  settings.

Bowfire was a one of a kind musical and theatrical experience which strings together one show-stopping hit after another in a fast paced theatrically staged production.

  • “Bowfire blurred individual traditions in the fast-paced onslaught of top-flight playing… Everything I heard was slick, well-produced and well-played. Nothing was overdone. There was enough razzle-dazzle and variety to keep the audience entertained…” – Houston Chronicle
  • “The Heritage Theatre was a-smokin’ in one of the most interesting and innovative programs it has ever seen, a class act from start to finish… Bowfire is new on the scene. We suspect it will go on to make musical history.” – The Saginaw News
  • “Bowfire demonstrates what the violin and fiddle can do in the hands of masters… an evening of show stopping hits strung together in glorious sequence… awesome!”  – The Record